Moody skis and the patina of boats and buildings of old come to life on canvas in Tricia Gardner’s interpretations of the coast. A world of color is created by bold brush strokes and the knife inspired by Coastal Carolina scenes of shrimp boats, the marshes and fish shacks perched on weathered pilings. The salt air and endless expanses of water create atmospheric scenes that take the viewer to another place in time.

Taking her cue from the marshes and island where she lives Tricia paints the landscape in a rainbow of colors. She is smitten by the random beauty of nature. Her plein air paintings come to life in her recognizable style with motion created by the energy of diagonals, fresh free marks and the hauntingly endless chroma of the low country.

Tricia is not timid. Her paintings show a boldness and movement that attracts immediate attention. She remembers one instructor who frequently reminded his students “to paint like you are rich” with blatant disregard for supply costs or neatness and at the same time reminded them that “great art is not made by timid people.”

Tricia feeds her thirst for changing venues and adventure by traveling extensively to paint with favorite artists. Her show will include coastal scenes from recent trips to the coast of France, Greece, the Amalfi Coast, Key West, Monhegan Island and Vinalyhaven. Her Bohemian approach to life permits her to “walk on the wild side” when necessary to capture the perfect memory.

Summers are now spent with home base in Belfast Maine where Tricia makes her home in a 130 year old seaman’s home just a stone’s throw from the Penobscot Bay. She was driven as were so many of America’s painters to the ever changing coastal landscape populated by hearty people, weathered boats and lobster sheds that have changed little over the last few hundred years.

Tricia’s career began as an art major at the Pennsylvania State University, but her dream was derailed when confronted by a guidance counselor with the likelihood of a starving artist style of life. Not wanting to be dependent on anyone or anything she opted for a degree and career in Business. Her chosen field led her to Washington, D.C. where she traveled for the Government throughout the 48 states and Europe. Tricia now resides on Dataw Island for 9 months of the year with husband Lew, Nikki Dog, Inkey Cat and Beacon.