Anne M. Jennings has loved art since she was a child. She graduated with a degree in English and Art from the University of Illinois in 1978. She has taught Community College Art classes and spent 27 years as an Elementary School Art Teacher and School Counselor. She has participated in numerous Art Shows and her work is sought after for private collections Her work is presently on display at the BAA Gallery in Beaufort and The Low Country Store in Frogmore, SC.

Anne loves illustration, story telling and bright colors. She uses a variety of illustrational mediums including colored pencil, crayon and pastels. She notes that her artistic influences include childrens books, visionary art and a little known French Post-Impressionist style from the early 1900’s called Fauvism that pushes the boundaries of how color is used in art. She loves the magic of Nature and often illustrates animals in a Fauvist, Visionary World. As an Adjunct to her Illustrations, she also creates Digital Art and Photographs. Her motto is, “Every Home Should Have Art.” Following this standard she works with clients to create the art they want while keeping costs manageable; thus opening more homes to personal Art collection.

Ibis in Flight