Carol grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. After graduating from Wayland High School, she married and started a family. After having her first child, she moved to Charleston, SC and then her family grew to six. She lived in Charleston for eleven years. Her husband’s job then brought the family to Beaufort and Carol has lived here in Beaufort since 1975.

Carol got a job at Lipsitz department store in downtown Beaufort and worked there for seven years before getting a job at Belk as supervisor in the men’s department where she worked for seventeen years. When she retired she was free to paint. She spends lots of time in the art studio in her home. She loves teaching her grandchildren to paint and draw.

Since she started painting fifteen years ago, she always looks at nature and objects as a painting or determines how she can create a painting out of what she sees. Carol takes her own photos of nature and sometimes combines parts of photos to make a painting. She also pays close attention to light and shadows and this attention to detail is portrayed in her work.

Carol has taken many workshops during the past fifteen years and has had many well-known instructors including Steve Quiller, Linda Baker and Betty Carr. She has learned different techniques from each of her instructors. Carol also gets inspirations and motivations from her family and a group of her artist friends that meet once a week and paint together.

Carol is an award winning artist and her work can be seen around town at the Beaufort Art Association Satellite Galleries and Lowcountry Medical Group.