The beginning of my artistic motivation and enthusiasm was my mother’s garden. At a very young age, I found drawing and sketching the flowers a soothing pastime. Early and memorable days were spent drawing and using simple watercolors.

Throughout my life I have used shapes and colors, in the beauty of nature, as both a realistic and abstract means of leading me thru my work.

My love for painting is in every stroke of the brush as I escape into a visual world. I enjoy the freshness of wet paint and the use of my imagination to add pure pigment, with nontraditional substances, which attain depth and texture. The simplicity of detail grows into patterns that become exciting in the challenge of a finished work.

I find watercolor a challenging outlet to release me from daily frustrations. Colors come alive in my work which gives me a unique perspective to subjects.

I have found that one aspect of painting on silk is that it provides vivid or even extraordinary “intensity” of colors. The techniques require enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment.

The lowcountry has been a spectacular place for me to grow as an artist, taking advantage of workshops, courses and studying with local artists.

Cynthia Zeiss