From a very early age I have been fascinated with two muses − painting and music. Through painting I attempt to create “visual symphonies” that evoke melodies of artistic harmony. My work celebrates the inherent beauty of nature and the “soul of human life.” Fascination with the scenic low-country and extensive travels with my husband, Arthur, to Western Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Denmark and Haiti fed my creative expression.

Reflecting on my love for both art and music, I am reminded of the words of Louis Comfort Tiffany, “Color is to the eye, as music is to the ear.” In describing my work as visual symphonies, my intention is to bring together harmonies, melodies, and rhythms on canvas. These changing elements repeat throughout the patterns of life portrayed on each canvas.

All life’s experiences instill me with the intellectual and emotional inspiration to create. The smile of a child, the intense colors of an orchid, the sight of a heron in its local habitat all reveal to me the beauty inherent in nature and in each soul. All speak to me silently of God’s love through creation. It is this beauty that I attempt to convey through my work. The series which is almost complete is: The Creation. The seven paintings are inspired through study of Genesis chapters one and two.

In October of 2000, Arthur and I joined Dr. Tony Bush’s medical mission trip to Haiti and the Northwest Christian Mission. Haiti made such a deep impression upon me that I continue to be influenced by the time we spent there. “This Little Light of Mine” is one of the Haitian series that reflect the distinctive qualities of the Haitian people and their intriguing culture.

My work has been featured in 10 one-woman shows and I welcome commissions. My studio is located at 5 Wade Hampton Drive, Lady’s Island, and may be seen by appointment. Also my work is shown at the Beaufort Art Association Gallery, Ely Benson Gallery and Atmosphere Gallery.